Beata Pałach is a painter and art educator who has a strong focus on exploring the connection between humans and nature in her work.

She places great importance on sustainable creativity and consciously selects ecological, non-toxic, water-based, and recyclable materials. Additionally, she embraces the concept of upcycling her own artwork. Through her art, she aims to convey her deep affection for the ethereal beauty of wildlife and the fleeting nature of moments, while also addressing the impact of human actions on the planet.

Born in 1983 in a small village in southern Poland, she studied Art Education at the Pedagogical University of Krakow and Fashion Design at the Cracow School of Art. During her studies, she was awarded a six-month scholarship to Mozarteum University in Salzburg, Austria, culminating in a screen-prints exhibition at the Crossover Festival in Vienna in 2007.

She graduated with distinction in 2008 in Kraków. The diploma work consisted of four large-format (1000 x 150 cm) watercolor paintings entitled “Herbarium”. Since then, she has taken part in numerous collective and individual exhibitions in Poland, Ukraine, Canada, the USA, Switzerland, and Portugal.

Her passion for combining various art forms with ecology has led her to successfully run creative workshops that promote environmental sustainability in artistic expression. Since 2010, she has worked for the Youth Cultural Center of the Old Town in Krakow (SCKM), where she has been responsible for organizing and leading a diverse range of art workshops, festivals, shows, and other cultural and educational events. Additionally, she has been cooperating with various festivals in Krakow, such as the Jewish Culture Festival, Krakow Film Music Festival, Youth Art Academy – Artica Foundation, and EKSIT Association.

In November 2022, she relocated to Lagos, Portugal, where she started creating paintings inspired by the picturesque Algarve landscape.