Born in Stettin (today Polonia), grown up in South Germany. Graduation in Offenburg, than education to editor . Working in a big publishing house.”Burda Moden” as Author and Designer.

1961 wedding with Dr. Dieter  Pröttel, TV-Show- und Film- director. 3 sons.

She wrote numerous books, film- and TV scripts and so on. Costume Designs and costume advice. As Author she also illustrated Children’s books:

On the side she got an education in different arts.

1984 Fashion Design, Modeschule Munich

1986-1996 Alicia Caprera, Potterie, Munich

1987-2003 Escola d’artes, Mestre Rodrigues, Potterie, Lagoa

1989-2003 Claude Bernier, oil painting, Silves

1990 Ulrike Albert, Sculpture. Toskana, Italy

1992 Claudia Goebel, Abstrakt Painting, Kunstakademie Hohen Aschau, Bavaria.


2023Marstall Berg-Starnberg
2022Marstall Berg-Starnberg
2019LIR, Lagoa
Kulturverein, Berg-Starnberg
2018Kulturverein, Berg-Starnberg
2016LIR, Galeria, Lagoa
2015Galerio, Parchal
Arts, Ferragudo
Arte Alive, Lagoa
2015, 2014, 2013Arte Algarve , Lagoa
2012, 2011Jardim de Porches, Porches
2009Alfa, Convento, Lagoa
2009, 2008, 2007Escola d’artes. Lagoa
2007Arte Algarve, Lagoa
2005, 2003Porca Preta
2000Artgalerie  “Algarvida” Möller, Carvoeiro
1999Mare d’arte, Carvoeiro