Claire Lloyd-Bown

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Claire Lloyd-Bown, an artist from the UK, is deeply passionate about exploring the mechanics of painting and other artistic media. Her vibrant and expressive creations are inspired by the tapestry of everyday life, personal experiences, dreams, memories, and encounters with both individuals and the natural world. To bring her ideas to life, she employs various techniques such as line drawing, photography, mixed media, digital tools, and found objects. Through experimentation, Claire finds joy in allowing spontaneous ideas driven by emotions and intuition to guide her creative process, resulting in artworks that possess raw, dreamlike qualities from the subconscious.

Not only does Claire’s artistic journey inspire her own creations, but it also influences her work as a textile designer for the fashion and interior brand ‘Stranger Than Blonde’. Her textile designs for clothing and interiors feature repeating patterns and large-scale fabric prints, adding a limitless, infinite aspect to her artistic vision.

With a background in the arts, Claire has pursued a fulfilling career as an Art and Design lecturer. More recently, her path led her to the roles of Director of Education at the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London and Deputy Director of Newlyn Art Gallery in the UK. In these positions, she has shaped public programming, focusing on education and curating captivating exhibitions that reflect her unwavering passion for the transformative power of art and education..

In 2018, Claire made the move to the Algarve, a place that has become her inspirational oasis. The beauty and serenity of this location have further enriched her creative process and allowed her to continue exploring the profound connections between artistic exploration, symbolism, nature, education, and the transformational potential of creativity.