Kerstin Wagner

Kerstin Wagner was born in Germany and graduated 1988 in Fine Art Painting and 1989 in “Art and Social Development” at Alanus Art Academy in Bonn / Alfter.

Her work has been shown in numerous exhibitions, galleries, culture centres, museums and art fairs in Europe and Asia. Participation in artist residencies in Goa / India with following exhibition in the MOG, Museum of Goa and Museum of Guarda / Portugal.

Since her solo exhibition in 2016 at the Museum of Portimão / Algarve, Kerstin Wagner has discovered the topic of the ocean in all its variations. The colours in her paintings are always inspired by the cultures and the ambience surrounding her. Traveling is an important source of inspiration. The technique of her paintings are multi-layered coatings, either layers applied with acrylic paints or the monochrome paintings by using pure colour pigments, both of which achieve a strong depth effect in their unique techniques. The radiance of the colours is always in the foreground. She likes to work in circular formats with pure blue or red pigments, which often exert a magical fascination on the viewer due to their intensity. Her pictures range between tranquillity and dynamic – expression. For Kerstin, living this creative process in both directions is finally not a contradiction, but rather leads to a harmonious alignment of her work.

Due to her innovative and variable approach, the art of Kerstin appeals as multifarious and creative and always offers a new perspective.