Monitoy – Moni Bosch

Art is a game, the world is a playground. She comes here every day. Did you see her anywhere else?

A whip, a swing, a carousel and a glue tree, and what else is inbetween. Blossoms and shrubs and old sandwiches. Uuuiih, a bumblebee and a shadow. Where is this going? Ah, towards the sandbox. „Wow, lovely pile of sand, you look pale, let´s paint the grains of sand, each one in a different color!“ If it get´s stormy, she puts up her nose and checks out the weather conditions. Every day she is out there, receives the new and transforms it into art.

Exams in Art, History and Politics.

Acknowledged scenic painter for theatre- and filmproductions

5 ½ years Art-around-the-world-travelling

art-education in schools and museums

Monitoy is an artist who`s art is not set. There are realistic and abstract paintings, projects and performance, objects, backdroppaintings and filming.