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Born in Germany, I studied Art History and Drama at the LMU in Munich and Fine Arts at the academies of Trier and Bad Reichenhall.

Exhibitions at many municipal and art galleries, art fairs and museums in Europe, mainly in Germany and Portugal, but also in Italy, France, Monaco and Hungary.

My work is best described as abstract expressionism, influenced mainly by female artists of the American Abstract Expressionism like Elaine de Kooning and Joan Mitchell, but also by the abundance of colours in the Algarve – and colour is my main subject.

My more figurative work is inspired by the marine fauna, mainly fish and lobsters, often incorporating different mediums, acrylics and crayons, charcoal, fabric and lace.

As a member of AAN since 2012, my work has concerned itself in recent years with environmental issues, like pollution, overfishing, endangered species, etc…

With AAN we have worked out projects with these topics and turned them into very successful exhibitions, shown in many of the Algarve’s important municipal galleries and museums, like Portimão and Faro.

I live and work in Germany and Portugal.


2018Treasures of the Sea, (Tesouros do Mar), Museu de Portimão
Colour migrations 2018, WuBa Galerie, Wuppertal, Alemanha
2016New true colours, Galerie k49, Colónia, Alemanha
Colour migrations, galeRIO, Ferragudo (catálogo)
2015My lobsters, Galeria Arte Algarve 2, Ferragudo
2014Farbe bekennen, Casa das Artes ’thalhaus’, Wiesbaden, Alemanha
2013Colour rhapsodies, Galerie Günter Macho, Düsseldorf, Alemanha
2012True colours, Galerie ART im TAL, Wuppertal, Alemanha
True colours, LOOXX* Magazin, Düsseldorf, Alemanha


2024Cor é Vida, Centro Cultural de Lagos
Artistas pela esperança, Galeria Municipal Santo António, Monchique
2023Art Expo Algarve, Portimão
2022Metamorfoses, Museu Municipal de Sintra
Artistas pela esperança, Museu Regional de Faro
Artistas pela esperança, Centro Cultural António Aleixo, Vila Real de S.A.
2019Transformações na natureza II, Centro Cultural de Lagos (catálogo)
Denizens of the Deep, Galeria BAMART, Albufeira
Transparências e Migrações, Museu de Traje, São Brás de Alportel
2018Transformações na Natureza II- da Memória à Vanguarda
Transformações na Natureza II- da Memória à Vanguarda
2017Eis-nos, Museu Regional de Faro
WERKART, Galeria Manufact, Colónia, Alemanha
2016Transformações na Natureza, Centro Cultural A.A., Vila Real Antônio
2015Farbe, Licht und Gegenlicht‘, Banco Stadtsparkasse Wuppertal, (catálogo)
2014Da Terra e do Mar, Museu de Portimão
ART MONACO, Forum Grimaldi, Monte Carlo